The Boatwright

by Gordon Saunders

Boatwright & everglades with Adobe Caslon

Available on September 8, 2020

Overview of the Verduran Pentology

A Light through the Cave is the first book of the Verduran Pentology. In 1836, in Barren County, Kentucky, the adventures of four teenaged kids – Joshua, Marie, Amanda, and Steven (who is a slave) – start in a wooden hotel by Mammoth Cave.

Their adventures continue a couple of earth-years later in the second book, The Lord Steward and the Servant King. That adventure starts very close to the place where their first adventure began, but it’s deeper and darker than that one. In Book 2, they face another purely Verduran enemy in addition to all the Verdurans he has duped.

In this book, The Boatwright, Book 3 of the Verduran Pentology, we learn about Steven’s father, Dalat, who becomes known as Sabal on earth. It chronicles the events leading up to the earlier adventures. This one starts in Verdura but goes back to 19th century America. Many unanswered questions from the first two books find a solution in The Boatwright.

In Book 4, The Founding of Denispri, Joshua and Marie return to a Verdura whose timeframe is millennia earlier than that of their first adventure. There they meet Verdura’s first citizens and discover how Verdura came to have the geography and ecosystem they experienced in their first adventure.

Book 5, The Kingdom of Light, brings Joshua and his young wife, child, and Chinese nanny, into a Verdura that is fighting and fading into its cataclysmic apocalypse – into a new way of being that none of the characters could ever have imagined.

Come back a little closer to publication date for a few excerpts from The Boatwright.


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