Welcome to new worlds and old!


Verdura books

These are the new worlds: The Verduran Pentology. The final three volumes and a boxed set will be available by November, 2021. You can check them out in more detail here.

These are the old worlds. At least, though they’re in what was then called the ‘new world’ in the world we live in, they’re about a time about two-hundred years in the past in our world, and as close to the reality of that time and place as I can make them.

This is the ‘Young America’ Series. I’ve written the first two and am working on the third. Book 1 takes place in 1781-2, Book 2 takes place in 1782 through 1789, Book 3 takes place in 1790 through 1806. Go to the ‘Young America’ page to check them out by clicking here.

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