Welcome to new worlds and old!

Verduran Pentology, Books 1-4These are the new worlds: The Verduran Pentology. The final three volumes and a boxed set will be available in late 2021 or early 2022. You can check them out in more detail here.

YOung America Series, Books 1-3These are the old worlds. They’re about a time around two-hundred years in the past in our world, and as close to the reality of that time and place as I can make them. This is the ‘Young America’ Series. I’ve written the first two and am working on the third. Book 1 takes place in 1781-2, Book 2 takes place in 1782 through 1789, Book 3 takes place in 1790 through 1806. Go to the ‘Young America’ page to check them out by clicking here.

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