It’s about books!

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Books are a lot cheaper than flying! Besides, you don’t have to wait in lines or carry a bag or have correct documentation or adjust to the altitude and temperature of your destination. Eyes and a first-grade education should do the trick.

Oh, and a little imagination. After all, the author can describe stuff, but you have to visualize it in your mind. And you have to perform the complex alchemy of transmuting black marks on a page (or in a device) into the sort of new understanding of the world that enables you to act differently.

The first of the books you’ll be able to access here is called A Light through the Cave. This one is labeled ‘fantasy.’ You’ll have to decide whether being fantastic keeps it from being true. The next one to come along will be history. Young folks, like yourself, involved in America’s Revolutionary War. Then more fantasy. Then more history. Keep coming back. You never know what truths you’ll discover!




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