Which is more real…fantasy or history?

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Click HERE to go to ‘The Invention of the Waterpot,’ a short story of Verdura.

Click HERE to go to ‘Fleeing Baltimore,’ a short story of the Revolutionary War and Prelude to the Young America series.

Books for young adults that take you seriously.

A few years ago a car company called Oldsmobile tried to reach a younger clientele. They did it by saying, ‘It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile.’ Evidently it was, though, because it seems that not enough fathers bought it and their sons and daughters didn’t buy it either. In 2004, General Motors shut down the Oldsmobile brand. They had made the mistake of underestimating the kids of those fathers who used to buy Oldsmobiles. But here’s the truth…(click here to go to the blog page and read more).

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