What future?

Okay. You’ve done it. You’ve thrown off the yoke of the Mother Country. So now will each man and woman go back to wanting what they want for themselves and their families, disregarding all others? Will the new leaders become as much the money-grubbers and usurpers as the regime that was just disposed of? Is …

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Can You Believe the Unbelieveable?

The greatest power on earth is your enemy. Plus he has allies among others less powerful than he but more powerful than you. You’ve been fighting for six  years. He’s wyly. Determined. Unscrupulous. Why would you even try? Because some things are worth the effort – even if you die trying. Even if you’re a …

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No Cars

Maybe you heard about Herbie the sentient Volkswagen, as if there was such a thing. And you’ve certainly heard of Henry Ford who invented the assembly line to make so many cars that now we’re overrun with them (literally). You’ll be spared all that here. Cars didn’t exist then. And if they had, they certainly …

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No Whales

Pinnochio had a whale in his story. Or maybe that was Gepetto. A big one with room enough to sit up. Jonah had a whale, too. Or maybe we should say a whale had Jonah. Either way, there are no whales here. However, I wouldn’t want to be in front of one of the birds …

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Only a Fable

Some things are just unbelievable. Like a bird that looks like a falcon but that’s really  another bird entirely, who’s only a story that someone made up in another land a very long time ago in a country very far away. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Is it?

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