Narnia, Asteroid B-612, Middle Earth, and Earthsea. I’ve spent a lot of time in each of these places. I’ve also been to more than fifty countries on earth, on every continent except Antartica. But the imaginary places shaped me more than the real places. So I decided to create an imaginary place where reality could be experienced, and I could share insights other people gave to me. I’ve taught students from high school to retirement ages and not found any who were not spoken to by stories. And since I love stories myself, that’s what I wanted to make. Now I live at the foot of the Rockies in Colorado, and get to hike in them while scheming and dreaming up new stories about other worlds.

Personal Information

Okay, here’s a little more stuff my family said I had to put in.

First, I have a Ph.D. from Duke University, a Masters of Theological Studies degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and a bachelors degree from Wheaton College (IL).

Second, all that was the ticket needed to teach university students for ten years, seminary and graduate students for more than thirty years, and adult students during that whole time. I estimate that the number of papers I read and graded during those years approaches a million.

Third, I got to teach in about two-dozen countries, primarily in English with translation. One of my books, To Give You a Future: God’s Side of the Story, was translated and published in Russian and Romanian.

Fourth, Just prior to and during my time in Europe I wrote seven other books. Six of those are now under contract with INtense Publications. I’ve also written four books for adults that defy genre-ization, the Toujours Amis series. You can look at my www.gwsaunders.com site to find out more about them.

Finally, I worked the traditional publishing pathway for awhile, for my Toujours Amis series, and then decided I was too old to wait around for multiple years to get an agent. So I went the Indie route (also known as self-publishing). There’s a tremendous learning curve for that approach that you shouldn’t have to learn by yourself since I learned it and can share it with you. That’s at my other site, mediaropa: “helping writers with the rest of the job.”

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