No Cars

This is about A Light through the Cave – and, actually, all the books that follow. It’s good news, I think.

Maybe you heard about Herbie the sentient Volkswagen, as if there was such a thing. And you’ve certainly heard of Henry Ford who invented the assembly line to make so many cars that now we’re overrun with them (literally). You’ll be spared all that here. Cars didn’t exist then. That is, at the historical time in America when the characters of the Verduran Pentology lived. And if they had, they certainly wouldn’t have come to life. So no worries about cars in these books. You can’t get run over by a car. Aren’t you relieved?

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t get run over by a carriage wheel or a runaway horse, or a giant salamander, or get eaten by…well, yeah, there’re a lot of things that could happen. But getting hit by a car isn’t one of them.

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