Only a Fable

Some things are just unbelievable. Like a bird that looks like a falcon but that’s really another bird entirely, who’s only a story that someone made up in another land a very long time ago in a country very far away. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Is it?

Life’s like that. Things that shouldn’t be sometimes are. And things that should be sometimes aren’t. And it’s hard to predict when the shouldn’t will turn up or the should won’t turn up.

They call these Verdura books fantasy, but, really, how different are they from what sometimes happens to you in your real life? So maybe you’ll see some fantastic things here that some people say shouldn’t be, or don’t exist, or they scoff at them, but you wish they were in your real life. And maybe you won’t see some things here that you’d prefer not to see in your real life but you do anyway and people say, ‘Well, that’s life.’

But it doesn’t have to be. You can think up the life you want and try to get there. And maybe you’ll see here something like what you’d love to see in real life. Maybe it’s really there, in real life, but just looks different. So enjoy! Keep your eyes open. Maybe you’ll get a little fantastic thing going in your own life.

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