What future?

Shays's rebels on courthouse steps

Okay. You’ve done it. You’ve thrown off the yoke of the Mother Country. So now will each man and woman go back to wanting what they want for themselves and their families, disregarding all others? Will the new leaders become as much the money-grubbers and usurpers as the regime that was just disposed of? Is there anything that can bring thirteen colonies and a few million people together so they won’t emulate the Mother Country in her endless wars? So the former colonists can actualize the prize of freedom? What will the basis for unity be? The Articles of Confederation are notoriously weak, but won’t a stronger government only lead to tyranny? Or worse, monarchy? And is anarchy the only alternative? In The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants, you’ll see another alternative attempted.

1 thought on “What future?”

  1. You don’t even need to say “spoiler alert” for your stories…. and despite that, I’m on the edge of my seat, because I’m learning about so many fascinating part of our history. So glad for these books!


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