The Liberty of the Whole Earth

The Liberty of the Whole Earth

Three countries. Two continents. One friendship. Revolutions. Political intrigue. Personal goals. Can these three young men find their fortunes, create families, and still maintain their friendship?

Three young men, one American, one French, and one English, struggle to find the right direction for their futures and their friendship amidst the chaos of the revolutionary world in which the American republic is trying to birth itself. Lewis, Gilly, and Crispin head across the Atlantic toward their futures together, but are separated by the desire and compulsion each has to find himself, support his country, and be at peace with his conscience. In Madrid, Philadelphia, and America’s western frontier, each finds his place and peace in the new world. And from these disparate locations they come together to celebrate how far the United States has come and the destinies to which their friendship and characters have led them.

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About the Book

They have to leave America to find their fortunes.

The French Revolution has turned into the Terror.

But everywhere they turn, Lewis, Crispin, and Gilly find violence, falsehood, and betrayal.

Barbary rulers break their treaties, capturing American ships and enslaving their crews.

There’s rioting in England, revolution in Ireland, battles in Belgium, perfidy on the Atlantic.

So, perhaps, they need to find their way back home to America. But what do they discover there? Epidemic in Philadelphia, Indian wars on the frontier, politics and party hatreds in government chambers and on the streets, lies and libels in newspapers, broadsheets, and pamphlets.

Is there peace anywhere? Is there any place of stability where a young man can settle into his profession, get married and raise a family, in the expectation of peace and prosperity?

Is it reasonable for Lewis to become a diplomat? Does diplomacy work?

Can Crispin, in good conscience, remain a journalist and artist?

Will Gilly be able to sustain a new French restaurant in the face of rampant popular opposition to the French following the devolution of the French Revolution?

It’s the first decade of life for the new nation and every prospect is open to the newly United States. Or is it? Will the nation founder on the rocks of civil unrest and confusion, or will Americans be able to keep the democracy so hardly won?

Editorial Reviews:

“Real life events brightened with characters you will want to follow. Great insight and I loved the way he used descriptions. It was an easy read for me, which is crazy since it’s based on history, those usually take more effort for me. It was very well written. I love these characters and how he inserts them in this place and time.” R.K.Emery

“We need more books like this for our younger generation. It’s full of wonderful historical elements, with fiction flare. It shows trials and conflict and teaches our youth important lessons. It’s well written and the historical aspect was well researched and well portrayed. Truly enjoyed it!” C. Gonzoles

Series: Young America, Book 3
Genres: Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher: mediaropa
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Novel
Length: 346
ASIN: 1956228195
ISBN: 9781956228199
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 6.99
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About the Author
Gordon Saunders

Narnia, Asteroid B-612, Middle Earth, Earthsea, and earth. I’ve spent a lot of time in each of these places. Plus a few more. They’re all real, you know, just real in different ways. But there is a Reality that is more important than them all, and I’ve gotten to know Him, too. I’ve been to dozens of countries on earth (on every continent except Antartica) and He has been there. He’s been in many of the other places, too, the places you can only get to through stories.

But I’ve seen, in many places, that who He is has gotten bumbled up. So I wanted to create a place where He could be seen for who He really is. The place turned out to be green–at least the sky–and very hard. I used to teach Latin and the word for green, in Latin, started with ‘ver.’ The word for hard started with ‘dura.’ So I decided to put them together to name my place: Verdura.

I learned later (in a grocery store in Barcelona) that the word ‘verdura,’ in Spanish means ‘vegetables.’ I hope the Verdurans won’t hold it against me that they live on vegetables. And I hope Spanish-speakers will understand that I didn’t mean to borrow their word for vegetables and will, maybe, see their way to believing Verdura to be a hard, green planet. Where Reality lives.

I’ve been blessed with a great wife and companion for over fifty years, three kids, six grandkids, and the memory of a cat and a dog who, no matter what anyone says, have both gone on to heaven. We’re pretty close to heaven, here in Colorado, and I hope you’ll get here someday. But it’s more important that you get to know the One who is in every place at every time and who, really, makes it all happen.

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